Communion Theological Seminary TM

A division of the Church of the Eternal Communion

Study beyond Ministry Level may qualify you for our


Masters of Communion


Doctor of Divinity




Ordination as a Minister of the Eternal Communion

is a prerequisite for pursuing either of these advanced degrees


To qualify for the degree of Masters of Communion, a candidate must certify rigorous study of the Three Orders, their associated Doctrines, Prophesies of the Communionist Saints, and the collected Epistles of the Apostles of the Church of the Eternal Communion.


After obtaining a Masters of Eternal Communion, a candidate will be considered for the degree of Doctor of Divinity upon submission and acceptance of an original thesis for consideration as potential Church Doctrine, Prophesy or an Epistle.


Frequent and consistent celebration of Communion is also required of candidates for either advanced degree.  


Submissions for either advanced degree should be emailed to:


A donation of $25 per degree attained is requested

to defray the costs of review and issuance of Certificates of Diploma



The Church of the Eternal Communion has elected not to seek external accreditation for its degree programs.
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