Looking for a Spiritual Home?

Join us and become a Communionist.

(Not to be confused with the communists, an entirely unrelated organization)

Church Services are primarily held in the form of

On-line Communion with other Communionists.


Online Communion can be experienced by posting to our Weblog:



For those seeking regularly scheduled religious services,

with a regular congregation and recognized form of worship,

we encourage all members to join in online Communion

each week between sunrise Saturday and sunset Sunday.  


Of course, a significant advantage of our online form of services 

is the ability to schedule church when it best fits your schedule,

so our online celebration of Communion is available 24 - 7.


Upon completion of our Temple of the Eternal Communion,

we plan to also offer more traditional off-line church services.

Donate to our Temple Construction Fund:

(Credit Cards Accepted)


Sunday school for religious instruction of the young is held

Sundays between sunrise and noon, online at:




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