Contributions to the Church of the Eternal Communion

have Allowed us to:


Assist a family who lost their

possessions in a tragic apartment fire.


Sponsor a benefit for a child seriously

injured in an automobile accident.


Help in the post-Hurricane Katrina recovery of a

New Orleans organization dedicated to eliminating racism.


Contribute to the rebuilding and recovery of an

Alabama church destroyed by arson.


Man a booth at Wine South 2006,

spreading the good Word and distributing Church Literature.


Hold the first annual Church of the Eternal Communion

Fundraiser Garage Sale

(Followed by the first annual Fish and Shrimp Fry

and Rosh Hashanah Champagne Communion).


Sponsor a Church Mission to Chiapas Mexico, to help build a Church

and Spread the Good Word Internationally


Provide Aid to the Families of Fallen Firefighters 

in Charleston, South Carolina


And more Good Works are in the Works!



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